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Trying to go for a more Spartan-esque lifestyle, so I am in the process of organizing my old stuff and putting them up for sale. There is a lot of stuff, and I’ll price everything in a way that gets it out of my sight quickly.

Each Craiglist link will be posted here as they come up.

  • Blu-Ray Player, $40 (30)
  • Scrubs, Seasons 1-8 (DVD), $45 (35)
  • Lost, Full Series, Blu-Ray, $100 (80)     Sold!
  • Wolverine/X-Men Set on Blu-Ray – $60 (50)
  • Tom Clancy Set on BluRay – $20 (15)
  • X-Files, Both Movies, Blu-Ray – $15 (10)
  • Matrix, BluRay – $10 (7)

The price in parentheses is the discounted price you get for telling me you saw it here. (Be Warned: I will probably mock you for spending precious Internet time on my site. I can feel brain cells shutting off while I’m typing, I don’t know what happens to someone reading it, but it can’t be healthy.)


  • Future items
    • Weeds (Blu-ray Seasons)
    • Incredible Hulk TV Show (old one, all)
    • More Blu-Ray Sets and Single Films
    • More DVD Sets and Single Films
    • PS3 Games
    • PS2 Games
    • More Books than I know what to do with
    • Laser Pointers (Green, Violet)
    • Hand Buzzers, Rubix Cubes (3 sizes),
    • A Metric Ton of fat-guy Dress Clothes
    • About a million other things.



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