First server crash!

The last few days provided me with my first obstacle. Upon trying to log in, I was informed that my account was suspended. My first thought? “Oh crap, I broke something else.”

Battle gear on, noble steed mounted, blood boiling, mentally primed for the challenge, a cry of “Bring it on!!!” screamed at the heavens! Then we found out it was a hosting company glitch, and that the “Knights of Old” have been diminished to the point of filing ‘trouble tickets’.

Website is back up, and the development of humanity has left this world incredibly dull.

1 thought on “First server crash!

  1. Re-posted this on FB, and received several concerned texts and emails.
    So, clarification time!
    Metaphor. Excited by a challenge. Disappointingly simple solution.
    I did not invest in Kevlar, nor did I purchase I horse.

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